Kill Shot APK Free Download for Android

Kill Shot

Scoring a headshot always brings an intensely satisfying feeling to a combat- and -shooter- game player, a sweet joy with all the frustration relieved. If you are someone who enjoys targeting headshots in combat games, then you must go for Kill Shot, a shooting simulation game developed and published by Hothead Games studio, for this […]

Zombie Highway 2 APK Free Download for Android

Zombie Highway 2

You must have heard a quote that “it’s all fun and a game until someone gets bit”. Yes, you guess it right. It’s a famous quote on zombies. You might have heard about them through your friends, movies and stories. Their stories are really fascinating and astonishing. Now, it’s time to discover them, hit and […]

Best Windows 10 Themes & Visual Styles Free Download


Only a few months back Windows released its Technical Preview of upcoming Windows 10 OS. All the Windows users began downloading this preview to see what Windows has in store for them this time. And with this new demand the theme developers also started working on creating beautiful Windows 10 themes and visual styles. They […]

Zomato APK Free Download for Android


Our new generation is passionate about food and wants to explore the new trending food zones and its delicious delicacies. If you want to enjoy these simple pleasures here is an amazing app for you. You can discover great places to eat around your region with the help of this amazing application named Zomato. It […]

Best Visual Styles For Windows 8.1


Like the previous versions of windows, Windows 8.1 also supports customization using wallpapers and themes. And since customization not only makes your system look smarter but ability to keep changing the themes applied also avoid Windows form getting monotonous in its display. And with many beautiful themes available for Windows 8.1 you can make your […]

How to Use Xbox 360 Wireless Controller on Windows PC

Power on

If you are a serious gamer, then you might understand the read value of a Xbox controller. Also if you are a PC gamers, then you might feel how easy the game becomes while using a controller. You can just sit back anywhere, relax and play any game with an ease using it. However, it […]

Limbo APK + Data Free Download for Android


No matter how advanced the gaming technology gets, there are always people whose heart lies in the old 2D games. There are still many 2 D games that are released for PC as well as PS, Xbox and many other consoles. One such game that was available for PC and was one of the most […]

MMM Fingers APK Free Download for Android

MMM Fingers

Developed and published by Noodlecake Studios Inc., Mmm Fingers is a simple yet fun-filled arcade game that will keep you amused and stuck to your device screen and if you are fond of fast-paced twitch and reflex games then surely you are going to love this. The simplicity of this game is what makes it […]

How to Install Multiple Custom ROMs on Google Nexus 5


One of the best things which makes Android one of the greatest Smartphone OS in the market is its flexibility. One such feature is its accessibility, which allows the user to root the device  in order to access those features that are not available for normal users. After rooting the device one could also install […]

Help Me Jack APK Free Download for Android

Help me Jack

If you are fan of the good old hack n’ slash games or the RPG ones where you can relish the experience of a new surroundings and objectives from the perspective of your virtual character, then Help Me Jack is the game you are looking for. Help Me Jack is developed by NHN Entertainment Corp. […]