Tribal Wars 2 APK Free Download for Android

Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2, the online strategy game that is available for free for android devices, is the successor to Tribal Wars, a mega-hit by InnoGames. In this game you become the ruler of a city in war torn medieval universe and you must defend your followers and your village and its people and also expand […]

Stunt Guy 2.0 APK Free Download for Android

Stunt Guy 2.0

This is a very cool game and more popular for its graphics and propelling soundtrack. So if you are one that love amazing scenes of carnage and explosions and love a propelling soundtrack with a touch of irony that provide a great environment overall then look no more as this game can deliver all to […]

Tekken Card Tournament APK Free Download for Android

Tekken Card Tournament

Enter the brutal and tactical beatemup world of Tekken with this android game like never before. Tekken Card Tournament is the new beatemup CCG with real-time fighting duels and strategic, tactical combo battles. Join the large network of around 8 million players from all over the world in this beatemup CCG Tekken game. The game […]

How to Root Nexus 6 and Install CWM Recovery

Nexus 6

When your device has strong hardware and software performance then rooting it may only give a sea full of other options to its user. So if you want to root your Nexus 6 device then just follow this easy guide and be done with it within minutes.  Pre-requisite to Root Nexus 6 Download CF-Auto Root […]

One Finger Death Punch APK Free Download for Android

One Finger Death Punch

One Finger Death Punch delivers the fast and intense kung-fu battles in this tight action packed game with kung-fu moves that world has not seen yet. With the game’s unique 1:1 response system the players feel immediate feedback of every bone-crunching blow. Okay tribute to the ultimate masters of kung-fu using five classic kung-fu battle […]

How to root Google HTC Nexus 9

HTC Nexus 9

Google HTC Nexus 9 created quite a buzz and is currently the most popular android tablet running Android latest Lollipop version. Still this does not spare it from the hands of developers. The developers have finally find the way to root this tablet using the SuperSU. So in case you have been looking for methods to […]

Soccer Stars APK Free Download for Android

Soccer Stars

Soccer games are as popular as the sport itself but only a few soccer games come that can bring real joy and thrill of the game and Soccer Stars is one such. Soccer Stars is a unique and physics-based multiplayer soccer game that puts you against another random player online in one-on-one showdown to win […]

How to Factory Reset any Android Smartwatch

Reset Android Smartwatch

Android Smartwatch has been in the market for quite some time now and more and more people are buying it for its usability and style statement. And if you are among the many users of the android Smartwatch then at some point you might have wanted to perform factory reset on your Smartwatch for one […]

Game of Thrones Telltale APK Free Download for Android


Telltale is back with another astounding gaming experience and this time it’s not only for the android fans but for the famous TV show Game of Thrones fans as well. Game of Thrones Telltale game is a strategy games series of six part game episodes set in the same world of HBO’s very famous TV […]

How to Root Xiaomi Redmi 1S & Install Recovery

Root Redmi 1s

Xiaomi made a huge impact on the Indian market with their android smartphones and Redmi 1S in one such smartphone from this company. But users of this smartphone have some heating problems related to it which can be solved by using a certain app but only for the rooted phones. So if you want to […]